Interview with Pierre_crypt0 and Jim on marrying the bag
Interview with George1Trader and NFT boredom
Lance Breitstein and BTC f*ckery

February 2023

CryptoUB, rangebound rebalancing, and The Art of Patience
22Loops, Generating Liquidity, and BLUR
DeltaXBT, Jim's Trading Plan, and Magus on VWAP
Jackis, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Harvest.

January 2023

Irncrypt, Cope and Fomo, and Azuki.
Follis, short squeezes and the impact of ETH price on NFTs.
BitBitCrypto on narratives, FTX and risk.
Mindset_BTC, Mixed Market Signals, Chromie Squiggles
Altcoinsherpa, 2023 look ahead and Pudgy Penguins